About Us

Prosper Family Chiropractic Center was established in 2010 and is located in Nassau, Bahamas.
You may call us at 242-423-9328, email Dr. Prosper at drprosper@hotmail.com or visit us on Facebook: Prosper Family Chiropractic.

Chiropractic Results are based on a Unique Partnership

Our Responsibilities

  • Explain everything in advance
  • Value your time
  • Honor your health goals
  • Respect your privacy
  • Constantly improve our clinical skills
  • Charge a fair price for our services
  • Monitor your progress

Your Responsibilities

  • Desire better health
  • Keep your appointments
  • Follow our recommendations
  • Ask questions
  • Get the proper rest and nutrition
  • Fulfill your financial obligations
  • Tell others about your experience

Office Directory

During your care at our office, please inform the Chiropractic Assistant at the front desk or Dr. Prosper of any new injuries that occur. This is very important; prompt care will help prevent serious or future problems.Please feel free to ask any of the office staff for help with any problems or questions that you may be experiencing. They will either help you or refer you to the person who can best handle your situation.

Community Lectures – Dr. Prosper
If you are involved with an organization or church in the area and would like an accomplished speaker on health care, call Dr. Prosper. She speaks on issues involving: health, nutrition, stress, pre-natal holistic health care, exercise, safety at work, goals and of course, chiropractic.

Exercise/wellness Care – Dr. Prosper

Please ask the doctor about stretching, exercises and supports (e.g. Cervical pillows for sleeping or lumbar supports for sitting and driving) She will recommend a routine that is best for your situation to gain optimum health. She can even teach you the safest way to perform daily work like lifting laundry, using a computer, carrying groceries, etc.

Massage Therapy – Ciji Russell
We have one-hour, half-hour and mini chair massages available by appointment. These sessions can help you relax, relieve tension and recharge you. Call for fees and scheduling.

Building Blocks of Health

Your body can’t be healthy unless you are eating right. Good nutrition includes: clean fresh water, lean proteins (legumes, seafood, lean meats, etc.) whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits.

Given the nutritional quality of our food supply, it is wise to consider taking high-quality nutritional supplements. Nutritional supplements create a “safety net” for your diet and assure that you get all the nutrients your body needs to be well. We recommend a good quality multi-vitamin, fish oil, and probiotics.

Avoid or minimize processed sugar and/or starch products such as: refined sugar, white flour products, white rice, and even cooked potatoes since these foods stimulate the production of insulin and increase the storage of fat in your body. Avoid aspartame or all artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners are neuro-toxins and very unhealthy, even in moderate amounts.

If you drink alcohol, avoid drinking more than two drinks per day. Research has shown that a small amount of alcohol actually enhances health. However, consuming an excess of more than two drinks negates the health benefits.

While not exactly a nutrition issue, smoking is one of the worst things you can do for your health. Smoking is the number one preventable cause of death.

There are three types of exercise: aerobic, strength training and stretching. Together these exercises, along with the other “building blocks” will help you be fit, lean and healthy.

Aerobic exercise is necessary for cardiovascular health and helpful in maintaining a healthy weight.

Strength training is necessary for maintaining the ability to do the tasks of everyday living: lifting, bending, picking up children, groceries, gardening, etc. Another important benefit of strength training is that well-toned muscles raise your metabolism and make it easier to maintain a healthy weight.

Stretching is necessary for ease of movement and keeping the body young and supple.

Your body requires rest. Ninety percent of your body’s rebuilding and repair happens when you are sleeping. Furthermore, your immune system recharges and maintains itself during sleep, helping you get and stay as healthy as possible.

Proper rest helps maintain mental health as well. Depression, anxiety and a number of other psychological ailments can result from lack of sleep.

Maintaining a positive mental attitude is essential to good health. If you are always thinking negative thoughts, if you are fearful or worried, or if you are simply anxious about life in general, your body responds in very negative ways-including sickness and even disease.

The nervous system is the master control system of your body. When functioning normally, every cell and tissue of your body is properly connected to the brain and receives proper signals and messages. When the internal communication of your body is normal, normal function is the result.

However, when life’s bumps and strains cause spinal traumas, stresses and injuries, interference to the nervous system can occur. When the nerves are interfered with, symptoms, pain, dysfunction and dis-ease can result. If not corrected, these problems can literally rob you of your health and shorten your life.

Chiropractic focuses on the location and removal of nerve interference. An interference-free nervous system will help you be healthy and optimize your potential to be well.