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“Our mission is to work as a dedicated team supporting and educating our community. We encourage better health through chiropractic with integrity and compassion in a fun, friendly atmosphere.”

Welcome to Prosper Family Chiropractic

Located in Nassau, Bahamas

Thank you for choosing our office for your chiropractic care! And if you don’t mind my saying so, I think you’ve made an excellent choice.  At Prosper Family Chiropractic Center we provide chiropractic care for the enitre family including children, babies, pregnant women, and the elderly. We strive to educate our patients and community on how to live healthier lives. We are confident that your experience in our office will be like no other. Schedule an appointment with us at Prosper Family Chiropractic Center located in Nassau Bahamas to find out what our patients already know.

Chiropractic Works!

Kwame Russell - Dr. Prosper gently adjusted his neck, and guess what!? Within the hour, he was able to hold up his head straight, and nursed on both sides. I highly recommend bringing your ...{more testimonials...}

Joan Evans - Since I began my treatment with Dr. Prosper, two weeks ago, I have noticed significant improvement in the tightness in my right hip and leg. {more testimonials...}

Chiropractic Can Help!

Low back pain. |*| Fatigue. |*| Sinus Problems.
Headaches. |*| Neck Pain. |*| Trouble Sleeping.
Irritability. |*| Tension in Back and Shoulders.
Digestion Problems. |*| Asthma. |*| Fertility Issues. |*| Migraines. |*| Sciatica. |*| Allergies.
Ear Infections. |*| Colic. |*| Difficulty with Breastfeeding. |*| Growing Pains.
Incontinence. |*| Arthritic Pain. |*| Ringing in Ears. |*| Bedwetting. |*| Hip & Knee Pain.
Carpal Tunnel. |*| Athletic Injuries. |*| ADHD.
Autism. |*| Bursitis. |*| High Blood.